PT. TOTAL SINERGY INTERNATIONAL (TSI) is an Indonesian based technology company that owns the ground breaking technology, GEO-COAL, which was invented by Ir. Harsudi Supandi. It is a joint-ventura between Agritrade International Pte Ltd, WSJ International Shd Bhd and PT. Nusa Galih Nusantara. It aims to bring GEO-COAL to markets including Indonesia, China, India and Australia.

The company has a small plant capacity 1 ton per hour  at Cisereh, Tangerang and has succesfully demonstrated coal upgrading on a continous basis. Coal samples from all over Indonesia have been sent for testing and upgrading at the plant, all of which have yielded positive result that support the claims of technology.

TSI envisions that GEO-COAL will change the lanscape of the coal industry and provide a pathway to a more affordable and cleaner energy future.

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cisereh mini plant

   Warehouse TSI Cisereh

   Jl. Veteran No. 3 Kp. Cisereh

   Rt.03 Rw.03 Cukanggalih Curug

   Tangerang Selatan, Banten