[China] China Energy News: Interview with Harsudi



TSI is pleased to make known that the first ever GEO-COAL scale model coal upgrading plant unit has already been build and is located in Curug, Tangerang Indonesia. This is a bulk testing plant that has been able to demonstrate successful coal upgrading on mass volume and continuous basis. The scale of this bulk testing plant is 1 : 13 to a full commercial plant unit.


July 2011

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20 June 2011

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6 June 2011

[China] China Energy News: Interview with Harsudi

GEO-COAL Technology, bringing affordable energy to our world

The GEO-COAL Technology

GEO-COAL Technology is a patent-pending proprietary technology that fully captures the energy of coal in an economical and environmental way.

It upgrades low rank coal (low energy content) into high rank coal (high energy content) through an extremely low cost process as compared to prevailing coal uprading technology available today.